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Our Search Engine Optimization

Whether you call it Search Engine Optimization, Optimisation, SEO or Marketing, at Web Design Yorkshire, we believe that every website should have a respectable position on Google without costing our clients a fortune.

Once upon a time you could build a site, throw in some keywords, play around with a few meta tags and “hey presto” you were on the front page of the search engines. Not anymore!

The best way forward for any website is organic search engine results. This type of SEO marketing does take longer, but we have found that over the years, organically optimized sites retain their position and value on search engines. It also means that our clients can just sit back and leave all of the work to us.

We have a system which works, and it works well. All of our organic SEO techniques are tried and tested over and over again, with some great results.

NOTE: We do NOT make spurious promises about getting you to the number one spot of a search engine over night, like many other web design companies. The truth is that getting anywhere on the search engines these days takes time and hard work.

Have you noticed that many search engine optimization companies tell you that they can optimize your website for you, but they never tell you how they will do it? Well, we go in to great detail to let you know how your site will be optimized. This way you know everything which will happen and can make an informed choice as to which way you would like us to go.


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